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DNB-CET 2015

Reload yourself and attempt all new DNB CET pattern mock and subject wise tests for 2015.

FMGE 2015

Do not wait for exam notification practice all new FMGE pattern mock & subject wise tests


All new AIPGMEE mock, subject wise tests & online notes.


Launching all new Combined Medical services online mock, subject wise tests & online notes

PD CET 2015

Never before seen at such pricing. Check out all new mock, subject wise tests & online notes. 

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Digital Medical Resources:

Paid tests/mocks are available now. [ NEW ]
Go to our website [ ] to buy your tests/mocks. 

We  Provide Thousands of FREE  Multiple choice questions related to DNB-CET, AIPGMEE,  FMGE,  DNB-PDCET,  UPSC-CMS (Combined Medical Services) and   various PG(POST GRADUATE) MD/MS  medical examinations of India. Our online state of art mock test series gives a real feel of the present CBT (COMPUTER BASED TEST)  scenario like attempting questions in specified time and visual basic questions FOR- DNB-CET, AIPGMEE,  FMGE,  DNB-PDCET,  UPSC-CMS . All our FREE & PAID  mock  with subject wise test are specially designed for each and every exam that includes present question pattern and time limitations.
DNB-CET, AIPGMEE, FMGE,  DNB-PDCET,  UPSC-CMS . This is a ‘multiple choice’ type exam question (or ‘item’) which you might also hear referred to as ‘best of FOUR’ or ‘one from FOUR’. For each question you must choose only one of the options. You may feel that there are several possible answers, but you must choose the best one from the option list. If you enter more than one answer on the answer sheet you will gain no mark for the question even though you may have given the right answer along with one or more wrong ones.

Digital Medical resources for medical students is equipped with new pattern computer based test. All test and mocks are designed and developed buy our team of professionals having experience in creating tests based upon various Indian and foreign medical examinations.

Are you 100% online?
Yes. All our subject wise test, mock test, result and explanations are always accessible 24x7. 

How your Tests are conducted?
All tests are Computer Based Test (CBT) to give a real feel of present scenario of Medical Examination.

How can I buy your test?
Click buy button next to the test/mock you want to purchase follow the on screen instructions and you are done! A short video link is also provided in our site that gives you step buy step buying guide for better buying experience.

How can I pay for paid tests?
You can pay via any banks Internet banking, credit card, debit card and master card. We do not store any details related to that. Our site is fully equipped with countries leading payment gateway. Buying test from us is always a click away from you.

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