How can I buy your test?
Click buy button next to the test/mock you want to purchase.

For all ready register users: After clicking the "Buy Me!" button you will be redirected to our login page, Login with your ID and password then your account page will pop up enter your phone number(All payment gateway needed this for your own good) and click proceed. Now you will be securely regirected to PayU payment page create a buyer account(PayU buyers account is must as per there guidelines so that you can avail discounts and Buyer protection facility) by just entering your desired password. Choose your payment method i.e credit card, Onlinbanking, Debit card etc. After payment you will be redirected to your account. In your account credit tab the amount you have just paid will start reflecting. You can now attempt your test from Quiz/Test tab. A short video link is also provided in our site that gives you step buy step buying guide for better buying experience.

For New/Not registered users:
First register yourself from our home page. Register button is on top right corner
1. Login into your account or register yourself from home page by providing a valid email id as you need to confirm your email id during registration process
2. Go to Account tab (top bar).
3. Click Buy credit button. you will be asked to enter your credit and phone number (phone no is must as per online payment norms. so, that if in case of any problem say net disconnect during payment. we together can resolve the issue if any.
4. You will be redirected securely to PayU payment gateway site. Enter a password to create an buyer's account with PayU (You can use PayU buyer's account to shop online with more than 3000 sites in India. Also they give good discounts to there buyers.
5. Choose your payment method like credit card, net-banking etc.
Proceed with your payment. Then after successful transaction you will be redirected to our site. Go to Quiz/Test tab and attempt the test you have just bought. The amount you have paid will start reflecting in your account instantly.

I want to buy Bundle Pack
Bundle pack is special service as you pay less and get many times more. Click the buy button of the pack you want. Proceed with the steps as shown above. After the purchage you will get credit equivalent to the amount paid. Then with in get remaining cregit updated to your account in 2 to 4 hours. For example if you bought Bundle pack one for Rs.558 instantly you will get 558 credit updated to your account. As bundle pack contains many test the you will be needing more credit and this credit will be updated in 2-4 hours in exceptional conditions it can take upto 24 hours. For any help or instant update of credit mail us at doctorsquiz.mcq@gmail.com explaning the Bundle pack, your username etc.


Digital Medical resources for medical students is equipped with new pattern computer based test. All test and mocks are designed and developed buy our team of professionals having experience in creating tests based upon various Indian and foreign medical examinations..
Are you 100% on-line?
Yes. All our subject wise test, mock test, result and explanations are always accessible 24x7.
How your Tests are conducted? All tests are Computer Based Test (CBT) to give a real feel of present scenario of Medical Examination.

How can I pay for paid tests?
You can pay via any banks Internet banking, credit card, debit card and master card. We do not store any details related to that. Our site is fully equipped with countries leading payment gateway. Buying test from us is always a click away from you.
How Credit works:
When you will try to buy a test from us we say you buy credit [1 credit = 1 Indian Rupee (INR) ] from us. For example If Mock A is priced 75 Rs/- in our website then to buy this mock enter 75 as credit during buying this test.
Note: All test are assigned with a start and end date. Presently all assigned test have same end date i.e 28/02/2015

Transaction Failed

Due to some unforeseen circumstances your transaction has failed. If money have been debited from your account don't worry you will get it back. If you are unsure you can drop a mail (doctorsquiz.mcq@gmail.com) to us we will get back to you very soon. You can also contact payumoney regarding this.
Following notes are curtsy of PayUMoney Help and Support.
What happens if my computer shuts down or internet connection stops working right when the Payment is getting processed?
There could be 2 scenarios - The payment got authorized by the bank but the communication of the same was not received by PayUMoney. In this case the customer's account will get debited by the bank. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped. We receive a confirmation from the bank later and then we initiate a refund for the payment to the customer's account. The payment didn't get authorized by the bank. In this case the customer's account will not be debited and we don't get any further updates from the banks. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped.
What is the refund time-frame? How much time does it take for the refund to reflect in my account once the refund is initiated by the seller?
In case of debit card / credit card transactions, the refund should reflect in your your bank account within 2-3 working days of refund request being placed. In case of Net-banking transactions, the refund should reflect in your your account within 4-7 working days once the refund request is placed with PayUMoney.
How safe are the buyer's interests?

Your money remains with us until you confirm and release the payment yourself using your PayUMoney dashboard. If the store requests for release of payment and you have not received the order, you can raise a dispute. PayUMoney Dispute Resolution team will make sure that you receive your money back if the seller is at fault.
Why do I (buyer) have to register before making the payment? How important is it for me to register ? What if I don't want to register?
Unlike other Payment Gateways, we thrive to provide to our customers with the safest and convenient online shopping experience when they make transactions on an online store using PayUMoney Payment Gateway. We make sure that we transfer the payment into the online store's bank account once we get a confirmation from you. This is why it is important that you register with PayUMoney the first time you make a payment on any store using PayUMoney Payment Gateway. You can use the same credentials, to make payment on a different store using PayUMoney Payment Gateway. Once you are registered with PayUMoney, you will have your own dashboard where you can check the transactions made by you and their status as well. Also, you have access to the "Release Payment" button. Once you have received your order, you can click on this button to intimate us to release the payment to the store. This way your money is safe with us until you get the stuff ordered by you.
For any more more clarification please mail us at doctorsquiz.mcq@gmail.com

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