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1 all are derivates of nueral crest except=adrenal cortex

2 BRANCH of lumbar plexuses which emerge from anterior surface of psoas major muscle is genitofemoral shocked but its true

3 round window of middle ear is closed by sec tympanic membrane

4 portal vein formation lies posterior to the neck of pancreas

5 the knee joint is supported by all of the following ligament except inverted y shaped ligament of bigelow

6 stimulation of j receptors causes all of the following except hyper tension

7 the structures outside the blood brain barrier are all of the following except locus ceruleus

8 all are true regarding erythropoietin except its blood level is markedly decreased in anaemia

9 the major stimulus for receptive relaxation of the stomach is food in the stomach

10 deuterium oxide is used to measure the volume of total body water

11 all of the following similarities are true regarding dna and rna except pentose sugar is ribose

12 one of the following has energy rich bonds =GTP

13 co enzyme a contains panthoneic acid

14 blood levels of WOF aminoacids serve as an index of increased cvs risk =homocysteine

15 profuse watery diarrhoea in cholera is due to foollwing action of toxin=ADP ribolysation of stimulatory G protein

16anti platelet action of aspirin is due to inhibition of synthesis of TXA2

17 busipirone=5 ht agonist and anti anxiety

18 not correct abt sulfonyl urea is used in type 1 DM

19 vareniciline novel nicotonic antagonist approved for smoking cessation

20 not produced by cholinomimetics=urinary retention controversy

21 organism that does not grow at normal atmosphere tension but requires traces of o2 in metabolism is microaerophilic

22 intracellular survival of M.tb is due to prevention of fusion of phagosome with lysosome

23 entero test is done for giardiasis

24 all are vapour phase disinfectants except thiomersal

25 mice are used for isolation except echo virus

26 warthin finkedly cells are seen in measles

27 philadelphia chromosome was first discovered by nowell and hungerford

28 PTHrp produced by squamous epithelial cells of the skin

29 metastases of malignant tumour of brain =all of the above

30 centrilobular empysema=respiratory bronchiole

31 corbus disease=gangrenou balanitis

32 hodgkins lymphoma with negative cd 15 and cd 30=lymphocyte predominant

33 ames test for mutagenicity

34 macro orchidism in post pubertal males =fragile x syndrome

35 germ cell tumour of ovary= benign cystic teratoma

36 gila monster is a type of lizard

37 danbury tremors =mercury poisoning

38 min punishment for gang rape is 10 years

39 paltauf hemorrhage=drowning

40 masochism = sexual gratification is sought by being beaten ,tormented or humilated by ones sexual partner

41 a sequence of activities designed to implement policies and accomplish objectives is called programme

42 most commonly used measure of variation is standard deviation

43 e.coli indicator of bacterial quality and contamination of water

44 tiger mosquito =aedes

45 biological vector for q fever =tick

46 case control study for rare diseases

47 ICDS=integrated child hood development and services

48 social security none of the above

49 the instrument used to measure very low air movements in closed rooms=kata thermometer

50 principles of health education include all except punishment

51 non pancreatic gastrinomas are mostly located in duodenum

52 h pylori colonisation is a risk factor for all except adenocarcinoma of diatal stomach

53 the first choice of DMARD for intial treatment of moderate to severe ra is montherapy methotrexate

54 most common cause of increased red cell protoporohyrins is vitamin b 12 deficency

55 chronic pericardial effusion that is massive but rarely causes cardiac tamponade is myxoedema

56 holiday heart syndrome most friquently manifests as atrial fibrillation

57 essential component of multi drug regimen in treatment of staphylocoocal prosthetic valve endocarditis is vancomycin

58 autonomic neuropathy in type 1 and type 2 as all except anhidrosis of upper extremities

59 most common cause of growth hormone releasing hormone mediated acromegaly = chest or abdominal carcinoids

60 acute kidney injury caused by acyclovir is due to acute interstial nephritis

61 lesch nyhan syndrome is characterised by all except partial deficency of hprt

62 hyper prolactinemia is caused by all except hyperthyroidism

63 the drug of choice in pts with generalised epilepsy syndromes having mixed seizures is valproic acid

64 most cases of hemifacial spasm are related to vascular compression of facial nerve in pons

65 most common cause of cardioemboli stroke is non rheumatic atrial fibrillation,this will trigerr doubts i think but in many journals its given

66 extra renal manifestations of ADPKD INCLUDE ALL EXCEPT splenic cyst i think

67 focal seizures in bacterial meningitis are usually due to cortical venous thrombosis with haemorrhage

68 patchy specific lesions are seen on small bowel biopsy except whipple disease

69 nicotonic acid significantly reduces plasma levels of LPa

70 in pts with severe structural lung disease most common infective agent= to cause pneumonia=P.AERUGINOSA

71 MOST COMMON LIFE threatening complication of squamous cell carcinoma of lung=hyper calcemia

72 predsominant cause of diarrhoea in elderly patients in chronic care insitutions is C.difficile

73 bronchiectasis predominant central airways is seen in ABPA

74 ALL ARE S/E OF interferon are reversible upone dose cessation of therapy except autoimmune thyroiditis

75 in juvenile pernicious anemia all are present except parietal cell bodies

76 haemolytic anemia can occur in patients with severe alcholic hepatitis =zieve syndrome
77 in vertebral osteomyelitis ,anterior erosion of superior end plate of vertebra are typically the first feature to become evident in TB

78 aplastic anemia with pancreatic in sufficency and malabsorption is seen in shwachmann diamond syndrome

79 the areas most often invoved in lesions of toxoplasmosis in cns includes all except meninges

80 autosommal recessive hyper ig e syndrome is characterised by all except deficency in tyk-2 ,its is dock 8 mutation

81 all are primary causes of nephrotic syndrome in infants except sle

82 regarding reye syndrome false is condition usually observed in children less than 3 years

83 hemorrhagic cystitis is associated with cyclophoshamide

84 18 month old boy with prominent eye ball and abdomen=neuroblastoma

85 triad of chorioretinitis ,microcephaly and intracerebral calcification=toxoplasmosis

86 5yr girl with joint pain ,iridocyclitis=JRA

87 7 YR OLD BOY short stature ,large skull ,prominent forehead ,saddle shaped nose,scoliosis normal intelligence=noonans syndrome

88 immediately after birth .the preventable cause of mental retardation are all except
hurler syndrome

89 associated with large ant fontanelle =all of the above

90 an agreesively looking thin and tall 15 year old with long limbs and small testis= chromosomal analysis

91 relative humidity of alevolar air=100%

92 emergence reaction is found with ketamine

93 signs and symptoms of local anaesthetic toxicity except diarrhoea

94 one bar=15 psi

95 drugs used for tb prophylaxsis= isoniazid

96 in tb to be positive at least 1 in 10,000org per ml of sputum

97 most common cause of hemothorax =iatrogenic

98 hypercalcemia in sarcoidosisis result of increased production of 1,25 di hydroxy vitamin d

99 sycosis barbe=staph

100 golden yellow on woods lamp=tinea versicolor


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